Brief Update

Sorry followers!

With moving, traveling, dealing with a wrecked car, and finishing my dissertation, I’ve fallen behind on blogging. I miss it and I will start again soon! In the meantime, instead of sharing my usual impersonal blog posts where I share a tutorial or give tips on teaching or policy communication, I will share some photos from my trip. Hope you enjoy!

Glacier National Park
Sunrise at Glacier National Park


peter lougheed provincial park
From Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Canada
lake louise
Lake Louise, Banff National Park
Morraine Lake
Moraine Lake, Banff National Park
Interesting halo effect of me taking a picture of the ice fields in Jasper National Park


Unplanned stop in Jasper
Near our unplanned campsite in Jasper–the road was closed because of a large car accident. Sixteen people lost their lives in Jasper that weekend…
Mochi enjoying the serene lake in Jasper National Park
Foggy day on the coast of Washington
Encounter with a banana slug
My closest encounter with a chipmunk at Crater Lake
Where the car broke down–i.e., middle of nowhere Nevada
The salt flats in Utah. The last picture before returning to Colorado.