I am so overwhelmed by the amazing sacrifices that people are making around the world to help others during this crisis. If you would like to help as well but are unable to physically or financially,  I’ve compiled a list of remote opportunities. Please share any that I missed in a comment below and I’ll add it to this list.

Remote Volunteer Sites



CV19 is a volunteer organization based in the UK that provides Cyber support.

New York State COVID-19 Technology SWAT Team needs teams of professionals (preferably from a single institution located in the Eastern or Central U.S.) with experience in product management, software development / engineering, hardware deployment and end-user support, data science, operations management, design, or other similar areas. Volunteers must commit for a minimum of 90 days.

Join the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge, or CORD-19 to develop text and data mining tools using AI and machine learning techniques. The goal is to help provide answers for 10 tasks, or lines of inquiry about the disease. The prize for each of the tasks in the CORD-19 challenge is $1,000, delivered as cash or as a charitable donation to research and relief efforts.

Donate computing resources to the Folding@Home project. The software models protein folding in a search for pharmaceutical treatments that will weaken the ability of COVID-19 to attack the human immune system. You can read more about the project in this post and how to set it up here.



Help find service manuals for critical medical equipment. There are several types of medical equipment made by different manufacturers. Researchers and engineers need access to the manuals so that the equipment can be quickly repaired if and when they break. Read more about the project and how to volunteer here.


Marketing & Social Media

Marketing, social media and branding experts are needed to help promote PandemicVolunteers.org. More details here.


Food shortages

Host a virtual food drive with Golden Harvest Food Bank to fundraise for their COVID-19 Response Campaign.


Communication or Admin

The American Red Cross has various remote volunteering opportunities to help support volunteers in the field, fundraise, and/or spread the word about critical needs such as blood donation.

The United Nations has posted several remote volunteer opportunities, from translating COVID-19 response policies from English to Chinese to data entry related to COVID-19. The UN also lists many other opportunities as well.

Work with Project N95 to support and coordinate with federal and state government institutions to secure and distribute personal protective equipment for medical workers around the country. You can also provide your information and background to the Digital Response Team, which will match you with an opportunity based on your skills.


Caring and Active Listening

I mentioned 7cups, a free therapy organization, in a previous post. You can volunteer for them as an active listener and help someone who is in need of support.

Prefer to text rather than chat over the phone? You can train to become a crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line. They ask that you volunteer 4 hours a week for at least 200 hours. You can also help by sharing resources for managing stress and anxiety related to the pandemic such as VirusAnxiety.

There’s also Kind Connection, which involves kindly and thoughtfully listening to individuals who need support with COVID-19 related struggles (this is a program based in the state of Colorado).


Help sew protective masks for medical workers (also see Bassett Healthcare Network). The #millionmaskchallenge Twitter feed is a great source of inspiration and information.

3D print protective gear for medical workers. Several companies and organizations, like HP and the NIH, are sharing free 3D printable design files. This document also shares useful information and considerations, if you help print gear like face shields. You can also join/follow the Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies group on Facebook or browse through this list of opportunities and communities curated by Women in 3D Printing. Also consider adding your information to this international crowdsourced list of 3D printers.

It’s important to note that these DIY projects are only secondary to FDA approved products, such as the N95 mask. Make sure to keep up with the latest information about the safety and acceptability of homemade gear.


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