Sharing Articles

I always enjoy when my friends and family share articles with me, so I thought I would begin sharing interesting articles that I read over the week  on my blog. Most of the articles I share will be related to sociology, demography, or methods. Hope you enjoy!


  1. The aging of US counties, as deaths begin outnumbering births
  2. New US population projections by the Census Bureau
  3. Marriage is a status symbol
  4. Re-thinking marriage proposals
  5. A US profile of long-term marriages (50+ years)
  6. Childlessness and planning for the future
  7. Big data and demography
  8. Subjective well-being by state
  9. Missing children in the US Census and its implications
  10. Education and party affiliation
  11. Early marriage is NOT more common among college graduates

Technology and Society:

  1. Thinking about technology and privacy in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica debacle
  2. What machine learning can and cannot tell us about social behaviors
  3. What methodological assumptions might we be violating with big data?
  4. The problem with using algorithms to make decisions about individual healthcare eligibility

Sex and Gender:

  1. The DHS removed information about bisexual and lesbian health topics from their website

Economic Sociology

  1.  IBM layoffs and age discrimination
  2. Women and minorities are less likely to receive job recommendations than their white male counterparts



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